Levels and Stages

Level Up Builder Gen2

Welcome to Level Up Builder Gen2!

This is a free online tool that you can use to create your very own role playing games based off of the in-development Level Up 2 engine by Ape Apps, LLC. This tool and associated engine are being built to support the upcoming game Level Up 2 - The Tower of Jupiter, but they are also being made free and public for anyone who wishes to dive in to the newest game engine.

When you are ready to export your game and distribute/share it with others, select the Compile Game option from the file menu. Players can launch your game file using the free Level Up Player. The player is a free progressive web app that can be installed on any system (or run from within the browser directly). When installed as a PWA, it will allow users to easily launch your game by simply downloading and then double-clicking on the game file. Players can also use the app to manage their own library of Level Up based games.

Level Up Builder Gen2 is provided as-is with no instructions or warranty, but should be fairly easy to figure out. If you have questions or issues, you can visit the Ape Apps Forums and post your questions there.

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Game Meta

Primary Game Settings

Game Id

Should be unique for every title, or else there will be issue with game saves. If you are using a base game as a template, be sure to change this ID for a new title. Alternately, do not change this ID once a game has been released, especially when the self-publishing feature goes live.

Game Name
Game Version
Game Description
Multiplayer Lobby
Multiplayer TCP Port
Ape Market ID
Box Art

Square image with no transparency

Player Character Token Style

From My Tokens

Title/Game Lobby

Title Logo
Title Scene


Scene Editor

Scene Id
Scene Name
Scene Style
Sky/Fog Color

Even if you are using a ceiling texture, the sky color impacts both the ambient lighting and room fog, so you should pick an appropriate color.

Ceiling Texture

No transparency. Image optional. Requires walls.

Ground Color

Even if you are using a ground texture, the ground color impacts ambient lighting, so you should pick a color similar to the texture color.

Ground Texture

No transparency. Image optional.

Center Area/Path Color
Path/Center Texture

No transparency. Image optional.

Wall Color
Wall Texture

No transparency. Image optional.

Light Color
Light Intensity

Between 0 and 500. 0 means there will be no ambient light.

Fog Intensity

Between 0 and 100, control how intense the fog is.

Player Classes

Class Editor

Class Id
Class Name
Class Description
Starting Strength
Starting Stamina
Starting Intellect
Starting Dexterity

Levels and Stages

Level Data

Level Id
Level Name
Requires Flags (csv)
Requires Variables (csv)
Level Music
Level Items
Level Enemies

Stage Data

Stage Id

Floor Editor (Floor #)


Item Editor

Item Id
Item Name
Item Description
Item Icon (Pixel Paint *.ppp File)
Item Model (Basic Modeler *.bm or Voxel Paint *.vpp File) (optional)
Base Color Override 1 (#ff00ff)
Base Color Override 2 (#00ffff)
Item Scale
Hand Offset X

Generally, the hand X, Y, Z offsets will not need to change, unless a weapon or shield looks wrong when rendered in the players' hands

Hand Offset Y
Hand Offset Z
Item Type
Item Skill Class (optional)
Item Durability

For weapons/armor. -1 for infinite. With a magic spell, durabiliy = uses

Base Effect
Magic Effect
Mana Cost
Health Leech
Strength Mod
Stamina Mod
Intellect Mod
Dexterity Mod
Item Level Requirement
Hit Sounds


Enemy Editor

For Basic Models (*.bm) only. Override default model variables, CSV. ex: var1=blue,var2=4

Enemy Id
Enemy Name
Enemy Model

Basic Modeler *.bm or Voxel Paint *.vpp File)

If model was made using My Tokens (or uses similar dimensions/property vars) can be displayed with equipped items

Base Color Override 1 (#ff00ff)
Base Color Override 2 (#00ffff)
Model Variable Override
Enemy Model Scale
Base Strength

At Level 1

Base Stamina

At Level 1

Base Intellect

At Level 1

Base Dexterity

At Level 1

Extra Health

Health boost beyond base stat calculation, good for bosses.

Enemy Equipment
Blood Color Override
Intro Sounds
Death Sounds